Watermore Primary School

Frampton Cotterell, Bristol


What we are currently working on

Full Governing Body

  • Ensuring delivery of the single site and smooth transition to the new building, for staff and children.
  • Focused visits linked to the SDP
  • Work with the Senior Leadership Team to understand the school’s self-evaluation
  • Establish closer links with staff
  • Start to work collaboratively with other schools in our local Alliance.
Curriculum & Standards
  • Data and progress across the whole school – from the Easter data
  • An in depth look at vulnerable groups (covered above)
  • Attendance (covered above)
  • Curriculum (covered above in Pupil Conferencing)
  • How the school are enabling pupils to become more independent.
Personnel & Communication
  • Maintain production of a twice-yearly newsletter for parents.
  • Keep parents and staff informed of decisions and the strategic direction of the Governing Body and school
  • Continue to act on survey findings
  • Work to develop a staffing strategy for one site.
Personnel & Communicatio
  • Budget monitoring, managing and setting
  • Maintain the assets for the H&S and well being of staff and children
  • Continue to work with the PTA to strategically fund raise
  • Ensuring a sound financial future and effective management of the premises as we move from 2 sites to one.

Governor Newsletters 

Governor Newsletter Summer 2018