Watermore Primary School

Frampton Cotterell, Bristol


              Year 1 - Woodpeckers


Term 5 Jim and the Beanstalk

In the story "Jim and the Beanstalk" by Raymond Briggs, Jim helps the Giant by getting a new pair of glasses made for him.  Our design and make assignment this term was to design and make our own fun pair of glasses. We looked at different types of glasses and took some pairs apart to see how they were made. We decided to make our own fun pair of glasses using card and came up with lots of creative ideas. Then we made a paper mock-up of our glasses, measuring carefully to make sure they fitted well, and investigating different joining techniques. Finally we were able to use everything we had learned to create the finished product. I am sure you will agree they look FABULOUS!

Term 4 Space

To launch our topic we had a visit from the Explorer Dome. We were able to go inside and learn about space and our solar system. Over the following weeks we learnt more about our solar system, the history of space travel, and we created some space art. In computing we have really enjoyed learning about coding, and instructing programmable toys.  

As always we enjoyed sharing our home learning this term. We hope you enjoy looking at these pictures. 

Term 3  Our Building Project

This term we have been learning about the building of our new school. We had a visit from the site manager and we were able to ask him lots of questions.

We have learnt about the different materials used to make a building.

One of our texts this term was "The Three Little Pigs". We investigated building house using sticks, straws and bricks.

We have also been learning about recycled materials and were able to make our own notebooks using old maps and recycled paper.

We enjoyed sharing our home learning at the end of term

Term 1 - Instructions

As part of our work on instructions we learned about the features of instruction texts. We had to read and follow the instructions carefully to make these jam sandwiches. Then we were able to use what we had learned to write our own set of instructions.

Term 2 - The Arctic

We have been learning about the Arctic. We entered the class room to find it covered in snowflakes. Arctic animals were frozen in ice. We found a letter from Percy the Park keeper, wondering what it would feel like to live in a cold place.

We decided to find out more.

We shared our home learning. Some of the things we brought in included research on Arctic animals, snow globes, and some fabulous Arctic dioramas. Here is a selection of our work.  

Please take a look at all the amazing learning we have been doing!