Watermore Primary School

Frampton Cotterell, Bristol


                   Year 1 - Owls Class     


Term 1

During term 1 we were learning all about houses and toys now and in the past. As part of our learning we enjoyed a workshop about washing clothes in the Victorian times. As part of our science work we have been hunting and describing different materials in our school environment. We also investigated which materials are waterproof. In Maths we have completed lots of work on place value, making and comparing two digit numbers. 

We also showcased our home learning, bringing in lots of information about toys that had been played with in the past of our own families. Some of us also built our own houses. 


 Term 2


Term 2 started with a snow storm in our classroom. We came back in from playtime to find snow all of the room. Within the snow we also found our new text, One Snowy Night by Nick Butterworth and some frozen animals. We decided to investigate which frozen animal would melt first by placing them all in different areas. We all made predictions about which area would melt the frozen block the quickest and found that by our heater was very quick. 

In Maths we started to learn about measuring length, we began by finding out how many cubes long an object was and then moved onto using rulers to measure. As part of our art work we have been learning about Andy Goldsworthy and have had a go at creating our own images with natural objects in our outdoor area.