Watermore Primary School

Frampton Cotterell, Bristol


                   Year 1 - Owls Class     


Term 4 Out of this world. 

We launched our Space topic with an entire space day! The explorer dome came to our school on the first day of term and taught us about the planets and told us stories about the constellations in the sky. We completed lots of space themed arts and crafts including a pastels based solar system picture. In Literacy we read the story - Man on the Moon (a day in the life of Bob) and then planned and wrote our own stories for Billy the man on Mars. This term we have been trying to extend our writing using a range of conjunctions (and, but, because). In Maths we have been learning about multiplication. 

Term 3 - The building project!

Term 3 started with some objects left in our classroom. We had to look at the objects and try to guess who might have been to visit us. We quickly worked out that one of the builders from the building site had been to see us. We thought about our new school and wrote some questions that we would like to find out about the building process and what our school might be like. We went to Meadow site for an assembly with Andy the project manager, he answered our questions, showed us lots of pictures and pointed different parts out on the building site. In science we did lots of work on materials including a materials hunt around the school. 

We were also very lucky to have an Eco workshop in term 3. We were taught about the importance of recycling and made our own notebook from recycled paper. 

Our melting experiment!

This term our topic is called 'What is it like to live in a cold place?' The term start with a snow storm in our classroom, within the left over snow we found some frozen figures and creatures. We decided that we wanted to melt the ice to see what the figures and creatures were. After a class discussion we decided on a few different places to leave the ice within and near our classroom. We each made a prediction as to which ice block would melt first. We watched all day as the ice slowly melted away to reveal a figure or an Arctic animal. We found that above the heater was the best place to melt something quickly. 

Term 1

During term 1 we were learning all about houses and toys now and in the past. As part of our learning we enjoyed a fantastic trip to Tyntesfield, on our trip we learnt all about Victorian toys and what it might have been like to live as a Victorian child. 

We also showcased our home learning, bringing in lots of information about toys that had been played with in the past of our own families. Some of us also built our own houses.