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Health in Schools Award

Watermore Primary School

Health and Wellbeing Provision


The South Gloucestershire Health in Schools Programme aims to improve health and wellbeing and encourage closer working relationships between health and education providers so as to tackle a range of health concerns. The Health in Schools Award scheme was set up to recognise schools that have an environment that promotes and sustains healthier lifestyles, including emotional wellbeing and physical activity.

Research indicates that good health in children can contribute towards positive educational outcomes resulting in better health throughout their adult life. As a school, we are committed to the aims of this programme.  In 2016 we achieved the Bronze Award and in 2017, the Silver Award. We are proud that we are giving our children good foundations for life.

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Healthy Schools Provision Map

The award has three levels to apply for:

1. Bronze Award – Being a health promoting school

2. Silver Award - Measuring healthier behaviour change

3. Gold Award - Working in partnership with the community to promote health and wellbeing

Bronze Award

To gain the Bronze Award schools are asked to demonstrate how they are promoting health and wellbeing in the curriculum, throughout the school environment and within the wider school community.

We are pleased to say we achieved our Bronze award in June 2016.

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Bronze Health in Schools Award

Silver Award

The Silver Award offers schools a chance to enhance existing work by targeting efforts at a specific area identified by the school. The school would have to show that it had delivered measureable improvements in the health and wellbeing of school staff, children, young people and their parents/ carers by bringing about healthier behaviour change.

Our chosen area was to increase the amount of physical activity that children did each week in school and encourage them to feel and understand the benefits for long term health and wellbeing. This project became known as ‘The Daily 10’ and is now part of the children’s daily diet!

We are very proud that we were awarded Silver in November 2017 and our case story been chosen as an exemplar of how the Health in Schools Programme is working with schools to enable change and impact on positive lifestyles.

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Silver Health in Schools Award