Watermore Primary School

Year 3

Term 5 - Curriculum Overview

Term 4 - Curriculum Overview

Term 3 - Curriculum Overview

Meet the Teacher Jay Class


Meet the Teacher Swift Class



Wildflowers at Watermore 

September 2021


Wildflowers at Watermore


During our writing lessons, we've been learning about persuasive language and features. We have been inspired by environmental activists, like Greta Thunberg, and have written our own powerful persuasive adverts to raise awareness of plastic pollution. 



Wow, we are in book heaven! Thank you to our wonderful PTFA for funding so many new, recommended reads for everyone in year 3! We'll begin to explore and enjoy these during our STAR time from term 4 onwards.



We voted for George's Marvellous Medicine (Roald Dahl/Quentin Blake) and Space Oddity (David Bowie/Andrew Kolb) as some of our favourite books and decorated our classroom doors.

Y3 World Book Day Doors


Our classrooms were transformed into vibrant reading cafes ready for our indoor 'booknic' (picnic with books, biscuits and drinks). We spent time at tables, each with a different genre, reading books, talking about them with our friends and writing or drawing our thoughts on the paper table cloths. Two of the tables included brand new books, from our recommended reading list and also a large selection of the World Book Day 2022 books on offer this year. At the end we chose our favourite book from the booknic and wrote a review to recommend it to others.

Y3 Booknic


We wrote a collaborative, shared story, each taking turns to write the next paragraph. At STAR time, we read the final edit and discovered how our extract ended...

y3 shared story wbd.pdf


At 6pm on Thursday, we returned to school in our pyjamas for bedtime stories, milk chocolate drinks and biscuits.
On Friday, we completed our 'World Book Day' (week) celebrations by dressing up as our favourite book characters!

Y3 WBD Dress Up


Y3/4 Spring Production - Wiz Wham Alakazam!


Sowing Sunflower Seeds with Floral Friends of Frampton