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Year 3

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Welcome to Year 3 - Key Information




Home learning

Please continue to support your child with their weekly tasks:

Reading - book sharing with an adult, three times per week.

Please write a brief comment your child's reading record each time you share a book at home.

Children may like to read aloud to you or for you to take turns, each reading a few pages. 


Phonics and Spelling - on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Children will need to bring their spelling books to school on these days.

Each Tuesday, new set of words will be handed out.

Practise these using 'Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check' grid, one column per day.

Children to choose and complete one Spelling Bingo activity (a copy is inside your child's spelling book).


Simple sentence: The leaves have fallen from the trees.

Compound sentence: It is autumn and the leaves have fallen from the trees. 

A compound sentence contains two independent clauses or phrases that can stand alone. These clauses are joined by a conjunction, such as and, but, so.


Maths fluency A maths activity will be se every Friday.

This could be to practise their recall of number facts / multiplication tables using a range of resources, such as Times Tables Rock Stars (www.ttrockstars.com), printed sheets or mini investigations. 

Recommended Reading for Year 3