Watermore Primary School

Gem Powers - Metacognition


The Watermore Gem Powers


You have probably heard your children coming home and talking about gem powers! This is a brief introduction to the powers, why as a school we decided to implement the project and how you can use it at home


What is Gem Power?

Watermore Gem Power is a metacognitive approach to teaching, learning and personal development. Metacognition essentially means learning to be a learner. It builds children’s self-confidence as learners and, in turn, their self-esteem towards life. We have based our gems on the work of Dr. Tom Robson (scientist and educationalist – www.tredu.co.uk). Children’s ability to reflect on themselves as learners (metacognition) is now recognised as critical to children becoming resilient and successful learners. This project allows the children to do just that!


We have 6 gems at Watermore and use them in all we do.   They are frequently referred to in lessons and during unstructured times.  Classes collect gem points when they demonstrate great gem power.   This can be at individual or whole class level.  Each week we have gem reflection time where pupils think about which powers they are great at using and where they need to improve. Please watch the parent presentation for more detail of how you can use gems at home.

Gems are woven through our school rules and our behaviour and anti-bullying policy. Children receive certificates in assembly each week based on them demonstrating great Gem Power. We talk about Gems being great fro their whole life, not just primary school!