Watermore Primary School



We understand that children are sometimes unable to attend school due to illness and we would not want any child who was unwell to be in school.

Please telephone the school by 9.15am if your child is not going to be in school for any reason.

The school will contact you if we have not heard from you to check the reason for any absence.

Telephone: 01454 511213

If your child has been sick or had diarrhoea they will not be able to return to school for at least 48 hours after their symptoms have gone. 


  • The 1996 Education Act places a duty on parents to ensure regular attendance
  • There is no legal entitlement to absence in term time
  • A child is a member of a school community - return from absence can be a stressful time for a child, especially with regard to relationships, school routines and coping with missed learning
  • Teachers plan programmes for learning to fit with school terms - interrupting school terms makes it difficult for teachers to deliver a full and balanced curriculum for your child
  • Absence from school without the Headteacher’s permission is recorded in the school register as an unauthorised absence


Holidays in term time

From September 2013, amendments to the 2006 regulations remove references to family holiday and extended leave as well as the statutory threshold of ten school days (which meant that previously headteachers could authorise up to ten days absence for holiday, at their discretion).


You can find further information on this website:



This means that holidays during term time cannot any longer be authorised. Holidays should be taken during the school holiday periods.

The amendments make clear that Headteachers may not grant leave of absence for any reason during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. Headteachers should determine the number of school days a child can be away from school if the leave of absence is granted.

Occasionally the headteacher may grant leave for exceptional circumstances.

Holiday request forms can be obtained from the school office and must be filled in before your child is absent. Please also be aware that a fine may be incurred if the holiday is taken but remains unauthorised.


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