Watermore Primary School

Frampton Cotterell, Bristol


              Year 1 - Woodpeckers


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Term 1 - Instructions

As part of our work on instructions we learned about the features of instruction texts. We had to read and follow the instructions carefully to make these jam sandwiches. Then we were able to use what we had learned to write our own set of instructions.

Term 2 - The Arctic

We have been learning about the Arctic. We entered the class room to find it covered in snowflakes. Arctic animals were frozen in ice. We found a letter from Percy the Park keeper, wondering what it would feel like to live in a cold place.

We decided to find out more.

We shared our home learning. Some of the things we brought in included research on Arctic animals, snow globes, and some fabulous Arctic dioramas. Here is a selection of our work.  

Please take a look at all the amazing learning we have been doing!